sábado, 28 de novembro de 2015

US$ 25 million dollars: a Brazilian "donation"?

Harvard Business School

Dear Director of Harvard Business School,

Please take into consideration the following request:

To Repatriate the Brazilian "donation" of US$ 25 million dollars seized by Mr. André Santos Esteves, who is currently in prison for government corruption.

In favor of the Institution "Fazenda da Esperança" Rehabilitation Center for drug and alcohol dependents, under the direction of "Frei Hans" (Father Hans Stapel), to receive these funds.

This endowment will make a huge difference in the work of this humanitarian based mission (http://www.fazenda.org.br).

Please understand that the amount of said US$ 25 million dollars was a "donation" coming from a country whose wages of the average person is less than US$ 300 / month, this in itself indicates that indeed there is major criminal corruption in Brazil.

Please consider this urgent request as a call for Conscious Capitalism and similar to Harvard who prides itself for noble humanitarian endeavors.

Yours very truly,

FMV, Professor